MosaïCanada 150


I often feel blessed to live in the National Capital Region of Canada.  Despite being a mid-sized city, we have a considerable amount of green-space, both in and around the city.

Today, I played tourist in the city and went to see the amazing exhibit called MosaïCanada 150.  It was in Parc Jacques Cartier (a name I always enjoy saying!), which is located in Gatineau, QC right along the Ottawa River.

The exhibits are 33 displays of amazingness that are said to draw on the history of Canada and our First Nations.  The exhibits are separated into 5 sections:

  1. A ticket for Canada.  You walk through a train station, and then come out at a fabulous train!  When you look to the side, where you start your travels, you are greeted by Anne of Green Gables – sitting on her trunk!
  2. A ride across Canada.  This features displays from the Provinces and Territories – wildlife, nature, history and culture.  Amazing pieces that express the areas they came from.  It was quite fun to look at a piece before reading the blurb to see if I knew my country well!  (I did!)
  3. A Trip to China. Shanghi and Beijing provided two whimsical pieces that are meant to show their friendship with Canada.
  4. A Journey Through Time.  This area celebrates various events, symbols and characters that mark our collective memories.
  5. A Journey into the Imagination of the First Nations.  This last section shared the legends of the First Nations who were here long before Canada became the nation of Canada.

This was a wonderful exhibit, that I hope to revisit before it closes in October.  It was whimsical, special and celebrated all aspects of Canada.  I loved seeing the joy on other peoples faces as they looked at various pieces.  I was overjoyed by the number of different cultures that were there learning and enjoying.

This is a beautiful garden that deserves all the praise it has been getting!!

And now … for some photos!!




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