The New World of Job Hunting

I have currently been unemployed for just over 5 months.  Luckily for me, it was by choice, and I know exactly how long I can go before I am eating ketchup soup and crying in the shower every night!

I started applying for work a few weeks ago – it was time.  I’m in a better place mentally than I was when I handed in my resignation, and I’m starting to drive myself batty!  It’s time to get out and do something productive every day again, instead of just now and again (or when I feel like getting dressed instead of staying in my pj’s!)

I’m reminded of just how much I dislike job-hunting, which may be part of why I didn’t start looking any earlier.  It’s a soul-crushing experience – your self-worth measured against what people thing of your resume.

With the multiple resumes I have sent in, I have heard back from 2 companies — one thanked me for my application, but told me I wasn’t quite what they were looking for.  The second asked me to come in for an interview!

The one that requested the interview is why I have called this post “the new world of job hunting”.  I have never worked in a design field, nor am I applying to work in one, but this particular posting asked for a “non-traditional” resume.  A what, you say??  I know, I had to google … a lot to figure out what it was.  And you know, I still have no clue what this non-traditional resume thing is!  Everything I found online as examples were for graphic designers who were showcasing their skills.  I know how to copy and paste.   So Mr. Google to the rescue it was – I knew there had to be something where I could input my information and it would make it pretty!  And there were – there was actually a great site that connected to my LinkedIn profile and then gives you options for turning it into charts, and bubbles and such.  Cute, but not quite what I was going for.  But then, then I realized that I could copy and paste from this particular website.  So I did, and I came up with something that took me an entire day to produce.  And I got an interview!  They even complimented me on my resume when calling to set up the interview … it makes me wonder what the other ones looked like.

So step one is done … now I’m moving on to the interview part – which is, you guessed it – a non-traditional interview … @#%&@  …. I’ve been sent scenarios and have to present answers/information for 3 of the 5 that they have sent.  It makes me very nervous, because it is an unknown entity, but it’s also pretty amazing, because I probably won’t be doing the same thing as any other candidates (I wonder how many there are?).

I’m starting to prepare, but I keep second-guessing myself … perhaps I should stop doing that and just focus on what I want to do, rather than what I think they will want to see …

Fingers crossed … interview is Thursday… will I manage to sleep between now and then??!!


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