Hello Lent, You’re Here Again?

Oh my –  how on earth is it already Shrove Tuesday?  How on earth is is March 1 tomorrow?  Where has 2017 gone?

It is time to begin my annual bargaining with myself – what should I give up, what can I give, what will I give up?

After a long multi-day discussion with my brain, this is what it has come down to … the things that I am giving up …

  • Ordering food in … when I am feeling lazy, instead of creating a meal from all the bit of lovely food in my fridge, I am inclined to order in something that is quick non-healthy.  No more ordering until after Easter … eeeeeeeeek
  • Buying cheap products, just because.  I spend a lot of time shopping – I’m not sure why considering I’m unemployed and have no income!!  But I buy a lot of random crap (and yes, that’s what it is – crap!) … I’ll buy things because they are a “bargain”, and I’m sure I’ll find a use for them eventually or because I think it is cute or because I’ve spent six hours on Pinterest and am ready to become a “Pinterest Failure”.  But seriously, I NEED NOTHING … absolutely nothing!  I’m in the middle of a big purge and it’s disgusting the amount of stuff that I am finding in corners, stuff that I had forgotten I had purchased.  It’s in the process of leaving my home, and there is NO REASON for it to return.  Anything that I purchase from here on in has to of good quality and necessary. So – no more cheap shoes, no more BOGO’s, no more crap!
  • Good-bye crappy snacks … no more chips, chocolates, cookies, etc.  The only fun snack I can have is popcorn.  (I bought an air popper years ago and never use it … perhaps I should start!). I love fruit, why don’t I eat it more?
  • Ignoring things … this one is pretty specific, because what I have been ignoring is the fact that my home is slowly starting to look like those on the show Hoarders (ok, it isn’t that bad, but holy crap, the stuff that I have is getting out of hand!).  I started a couple of weeks ago … I read the Marie Kondo book a little bit ago and am trying to follow the bits of her advice that isn’t so kooky (I refuse to ask my underwear if they bring me joy!).  It’s pretty amazing.  So far, I have three large bags of clothing that I am selling, I’ve tossed out five large garbage bags of junk, and I I have donated seven smaller bags of clothes (and all this is just from one room in the home!!  ONE ROOM).  I know I will never be one of those minimalist people (I like books and fabric waaaaaaaaaaay too much), but I shouldn’t have to be ashamed of my possessions, I should be able to enjoy what I have!
  • Quit procrastinating!!  But only for certain things!!  I quit my job back in October – I was suffering from depression and anxiety and thanks to my mother and my doctor, I was reminded that it was not normal to walk to work in tears each day … so I quit and I took time to find out a bit more about myself (and let’s face it, I wanted to travel too!!).  But now, it is several months later, which means that I really should start looking for a job.  But there are so many other fun things to do with a day – I just don’t have time to look for a job (;) … yeah, that’s been my story!!).  So I have to stop procrastinating, and I have to start applying for jobs.  I have set a goal of applying for three jobs each day.  That’s something that is totally doable … it’s enough that eventually I should get a bite from somewhere, and it is not so many that I will just be copying and pasting my resume – I’ll actually be able to make each one personalized for the job that I am applying for.

So there we have it … things that I am going to do/give up for Lent.

I can do this – I’ve finally found a groove, so there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to achieve these goals!!!


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